Preparing for the WJF Competitions

By Arash Farhang I love watching the WJF competitions. Moreover, I love watching people succeed and execute some kick-ass routine with everything flawlessly connected in the most aesthetic way possible. Problem though, is that many times competitors make their routines just too hard and then suffer point deductions. Problem is not that one cannot execute […]

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WJF 10 Update 1

WJF 10 December 26th, 2014 – January 2nd, 2015 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV! 8 Days in the full 46,000 square foot Royale Pavilion $49/night Room Rates (Except Dec.31st at $139/night) The Advanced Overall Championship and Major League Combat will be broadcast on ESPN International! The Intercontinental Championship The Lisa Komatsubara Grants […]

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Selby Shlosberg

If you’ve met Selby Shlosberg, you like Selby Shlosberg. Aside from being an accomplished juggler and combat player, she’s just one of the nicest darn people you’ll come across. That’s not to say that other people aren’t friendly, but that seems to be one of Selby’s innate qualities. While developing Major League Combat I consulted […]

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